Email A Teacher

Below you will find a list of email addresses for Kingsland staff. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is something we can help with.

Staff will endeavour to reply as swiftly as possible but please be aware there will be times when staff members are working in school and therefore a reply may take a little longer.

If your enquiry is very urgent, please call the school office during school hours on 01721 720 025 and this will be noted.

General Enquiries:

Mr Swinney


Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Wilson:

Mrs Hope:

Mrs Ward:


Emails for ELC staff:

Mrs Ward:


Teacher Email Addresses:

Mrs Collins:

Mrs McGilp:

Mrs Lloyd:

Miss Finlayson:

Mrs Belleville:

Mrs Dundas:

Mrs Rand:

Mrs Stevenson:

Mrs Smith:

Mrs K Brown:

Mrs Scott:

Mrs Simpson:

Mrs Little:

Mrs F Brown:


Mrs Franklin-Ray:


Mrs Fletcher:

Mrs Inglis:

Mrs Wilkinson:




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