Family Homework

At our online session on 21 March, we discussed digital etiquette and some of the problems people can face when using technology to communicate.

Family Homework:

Do you think your family could design an app that would solve some of the problems people have with technology? Maybe you could think about a text lock app to stop you from texting the same number too many times without getting a reply. Or perhaps a ‘Do you really want to send that  message?’ app that gives you a second chance before your emails are sent! Think about what features your app would need- how will you make it work so that it solves the problem?

You can design your app on A4 paper- it needs to have a front cover/logo and a short description inside. You can collect paper for making the apps from outside the library or you can use paper of your own if you want to. All the apps will be displayed on the giant iPad display outside the turret- how many different apps do you think Kingsland families will come up with?  Remember to work as a team and share your ideas. You can hand completed apps to your class teacher or to Mrs Ward.

There’s no finishing time for this homework so you and your family can join in whenever you want to, although we plan to discuss the apps ahead of the next session in April so you may want to hand your design in before then!

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