Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIRFEC?   The letters stand for Getting It Right For Every Child and is all about coordinating early and effective intervention when there are concerns about a childs wellbeing. for more information, access  –   www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/1141/0065063.pdf

What is a composite class? A composite class is made up of pupils from different stages. This happens occasionally in Kingsland when numbers dictate the need. Click on the link for more detailed information.


What is an Asymmetric Week? The asymmetric week frees up Friday afternoons for staff meetings, teachers professional development and administration by having longer school days on Monday to Thursday and home time at midday on Fridays.

Reduced Class Contact Time is when a class teacher has their class covered by another teacher to give them contracted RCCT. Normally this time is during PE or Music.

How do I contact the school? Kingsland promotes home – school liaison and parents are encouraged to phone our office or come into the school during school hours where they will be met by a member of staff who will look after them.  Phone (01721) 720025

What are PLPs? This stands for Personal Learning Plans and are used to promote self esteem and  actively engage pupils in their learning.    PLPs are also designed to keep parents regularly informed about their childs progress throughout a session.

What is for school lunch?  menus are on a four week cycle and they are selected and paid for through ParentPay.

What is an ANA? ANA stands for the Additional Needs Assistants who work with class teachers to provide support and encouragement for individuals and small groups.

Can I help?  –   Yes please! if you want to help out, contact our school office.

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