KPS Challenge 1: Daffodils

Our first home learning family challenge is to make a picture of some daffodils and put it in your window. Over the next four days, we will be posting some video lessons from Mrs Collins to help you to make your picture. You can follow along with the videos each day or make a daffodil of your own design.  Let’s see how many daffodil pictures we can get into the windows in Peebles by the weekend!
Remember to share how you are getting on over on the sharing page. We are all in this together and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! #kpskeepslearning

Daffodil Challenge Introduction from Mrs Wilson

Lesson One: Drawing Your Daffodils

Lesson Two: Colour Your Daffodils

Lesson Three: Stalks and Stems

Lesson Four: Frame It!

A Daffodil Story

More Ideas To Try from the Sharing Wall:


Deeds Not Words