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Welcome to the Kingsland Parent Council pages.

Parent Council Members for 20/21 are:

Why Are We Here?

  • To ask for, listen and respond to the general views of parents and carers
  • To support the school in providing a friendly welcome for all families at all times so everyone feels included
    • To support the school to achieve its objectives and make improvements where needed

Who Are We?

Our Parent Council is a group of parents and/or carers of children attending the school. A minimum of six people, a maximum of twelve.

Parents can join this group at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or when numbers have fallen below six. You are invited to participate for two years and can put yourself forward for another two, if you wish, at each AGM until you no longer have children attending the school. The Council has a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.


Our AGM is held in September of each year. All parents and carers will be sent notice of the date, time and place at least two weeks in advance.


Please click the link below to download the Kingsland Primary Parent Council Constitution:

Kingsland Primary School Parent Council Constitution

Contact Us

It is hoped that your children will enjoy their time at Kingsland Primary school and that you as a parent take the opportunity to get involved during their years at the school.

The Parent Council can be contacted via:

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